About An Imagined Reality

The mission is simple.

Bring an entire generation out of poverty by teaching the skills you need to create both passive and active income online.

This is done two ways with An Imagined Reality.

The first is this site (shapingair.com). This is where you can come to learn about creating both passive and active incomes online, learn about the mindset of an entrepreneur, and even check out some of the other people that are using An Imagined Reality to find freedom.

The second way this is done is through our platform (shapingair.io). The platform allows you to build a website within minutes (yes, minutes!). And, using the skills you’ve learned, you can put them into action. It’s also jam packed with the tools you need to grow. We even take care of the hosting, updates, backups, and monitoring for down time so you don’t have to. There’s even an extensive knowledge base, along with our this site, so you should have no problems bringing your dreams into reality.

But even if you do need help, you can always reach out and either myself, or someone on my team, will be glad to help. You are our top priority and we’re here to help in any way we can.

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